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today will not contain much
just had cereal for lunch
sit around until TV
has something to offer me

no job to be spoken of
enjoy music that I love
people think that I don’t do
all the shit I’m supposed to

I’m a waste
a waste of space
I’m a waste
my hairy face

wake up late go sleep the same
straighten every picture frame
have a beer at 1 p.m.
take a nap and eat again

I’m a waste
a waste of space
I’m a waste
my hairy face
I’m a waste
still “fuck this place”
I’m a waste
I’ll lose your race

just cuz I don’t want to work
does not mean that I’m a jerk
phone headsets, laptop PCs
I’d rather eat my own feces
evaluate my performance?
I do it all not wearing pants
powerpoint and coffee pots
you may as well be a robot

I’m a waste
I’m a waste
I’m a waste
I’m a waste

I’m no “great military leader”
I don’t even lift a finger
I’ve no desire to make a dent
I can barely pay my rent
I’m not saving any worlds
I can’t meet any nice girls
ride down to the aqueduct
tell the cops to go get fucked
I’m a waste but your life sucks
hope you get hit by a truck
tomorrow will not feature much
I will eat some Cap’n Crunch
sit around and watch TV
it helps me feel less damn empty

(I’m a waste)


from DARK SIDE OF THE BRAIN, released August 5, 2009
Sampled: Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction


all rights reserved



Brain Vacation Chicago, Illinois

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