by Brain Vacation

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    10 songs written and recorded in one afternoon in Eric's living room. 3PM-8PM, 17 April 2011, Chicago USA.

    Teenage Robotomy Records #T-2
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released April 29, 2011

Eric Baskauskas - Drums
Jack Blau - Guitar
David Jacobson - Voice
Patrick Jenkins - Guitar
Mike Johnson - Bass


all rights reserved



Brain Vacation Chicago, Illinois

Don't believe the lack of hype.

'Nuclear Retort' 12" out now on Wall of Youth Records.

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Track Name: Void Versa
well I will never bridge this cosmic divide
between what’s out there and in my mind
the world is coated in fresh house paint
my brain is on a surfboard in LA

sometimes it seems to all make so much sense
to wrap myself up in a white fuckin’ fence
turn on the street lamps make em shine oh so bright
and take away the instinct to fight


yeah what about the time you took your car out to the sun
you never wanted to come back you never had so much fun
so why not sit out there forever and roast the stars
it’s just not fair i can’t see them from where we fuckin' are

Track Name: Atomic Age
I watch TV until I puke
my eyes glaze over

I watch TV until I puke
I click another

I watch TV until I puke
the pizza’s in the oven

Track Name: The Supreme Hand o' Man
oh god not you again
like looking in a mirror
soiled with smog and oil and shit
see myself and wave a hand
reflect back 100 times
the dullness blinds
and I feel fine

oh god you’re the man
oh man you’ve magic in your hands
you build and blast like you’re the last
you just might be if no gods ask

you’re everywhere you populate
with hands so huge you propagate
your power is the most supreme
yet your death is a guarantee

there is no god flying up high
he’s right down there he’s the next guy
he’s mom and dad and bro and sis
he farts and fucks and shits and piss(es)

flesh is matter most divine
it’s filthy man there’s no blood wine
it’s life and death and digging dirt
it’s swinging fists and cold wet earth
Track Name: Supreme Hand II: I Ain't No Missing Link
remember that T-shirt
the one with the fish
the big one eats the small one
until there’s no one left

so open up and swallow whole
enjoy or fuckin' don’t
it doesn’t really matter much
because you’re someone’s fuckin' lunch
Track Name: Holding My Breath
I’ve only got so many breaths
before my last marks final rest
I use them as wise as I can
but once again I’m just a man

it’s not like each can mean so much
once in a while I’ve got to touch
that feeling of complete freedom
that comes with wasting time

my breath is mine
I give it out
I take it in
no time to doubt

Track Name: His Maker's Voice
I hear you
I hear you

the ringing in my ears
is every sound I’ve ever heard
like a church bell in hell
ringing out it’s absurd

I hear you
I hear you

the sound is like a dead highway
that’s cutting through the world
we drive along until it ends
silence consumes and swirls
Track Name: To Dust
I’ve been sitting so much more
I watch the world blow right past
it’s in my salt pillars of bones
I’ve never felt so still before
(a tumbleweed in cosmic Texas)
or let out such low groans

a speck of sand a flake of skin
it’s universal expansion
the blackest hole the hoover twin
a bag of dust a tall mountain
it’s sad but true I’m just human
the fracture sets, never again

to dust
to dust
to dust
to dust
I’m somewhere in between
to dust
to dust
to dust
to dust
wet mixed dirt makes mud
Track Name: 2,596,000 More Frames
you may think your shit don’t stink
but the truth is that your hijinks
are really not much more than plain
the same crap smells day after day

are you unique in your own mind
because if so you must be blind
you’re just the same as everyone
so please shut up and have some fun

30 frames per second
60 secs a minute
60 mins an hour
and 24 of those
your moments
they don’t pause for you
they speed by you
they’ll kill you

I know the sun sets once per day
but that’s just how you see time made
drive fast enough in the right way
and daylight wouldn’t go away

you’d cruise past others by the score
who figured they knew so much more
but just like you they wouldn’t git
that they’re just factories of shit


how many days get flushed from us
while we try to figure what’s
the important thing in life
that make us not seem so damn trite

we all think we’re number one
stars of our films until we’re done
in real life the camera’s on
you’re number two in the re-run
Track Name: Homestand
walking lines
paying fines
I don’t run too far from home

first things first
it could be worse
I’ve seen things everyone knows
Track Name: We Knew This Day Was Coming
I’m dead
in another lifetime
I’m not awake
I’ve lost my mind

I’m dead
I will be one day
my body’s not built to last
for the long line

I’m dead
obliteration awaits
sooner or later
I’ll leave this world’s gates

I’m dead
I’m dead

I’m dead
6 feet underground
cars drive overhead
we knew this day was coming

I’m dead
I’m dead