by Brain Vacation

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"Migrant" appears on the upcoming LP.
"Bug" will never be heard again.


released November 20, 2012

David - Vocals
Jack - Guitars
Eric - Drums (and vocals on "Bug")
Mike - Bass

Max recorded "Migrant" at Divine Insanity.
Rollin mixed and mastered it at I.V. Lab Studios.
Eric recorded "Bug" on his cell phone during band practice.
Art by Eric.


all rights reserved



Brain Vacation Chicago, Illinois

Don't believe the lack of hype.

'Nuclear Retort' 12" out now on Wall of Youth Records.

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Track Name: MIGRANT
Off in one direction, not to look back – I’m on my way
Off in one direction, don’t give a damn – I’m on my way
Off in one direction, moving for life – I’m on my way
It all looks the same, take it for granted, won’t see it again

Off in one direction, looking for truth – I’m on my way
Off in one direction, can’t give a fuck – I’m on my way
Off in one direction, long gone for good – I’m on my way
It still looks the fuckin' same

Endless black gives way to brown and red
That blue green life of theirs is bound to end
Marooned out in the dust of a godless land
Blaze a trail for future that I don’t fuckin' have

Further from the sun, damned to be the one
Alone before I left and doomed to bear the heft

Five more miles of rock and sand
Centuries led to this
A roving robot measuring
How much how old how dense and thick and
Only built for simple work
Oblivion a one-way trip
Born dead, live dead, and die

Someday they will find me just more cosmic debris
A most stunning achievement doing nothing
Pinnacle of a species on the brink
They can’t save themselves from infinity

Everything passes by
For the very first and last time
It’s never the same one moment to the next
If I’m ever seen again might depend upon whom they elect

Never look back, don’t give a shit
Stuck here for life, no other way, there’s just one truth:
Among the stars, infinite black, you must migrate
Track Name: BUG
I'm a bug
I live in a wall
I hear these bands
They're no good at all